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ABCreate is an optimization program designed to work in conjunction with Instant Text and other text expansion software like Shorthand. ABCreate's main purpose is to analyze your previously typed documents, create abbreviations of the words it finds, then sort that list of word abbreviations so that the most frequent word comes up first.

ABCreate Features:

  • Harvests words from your previously saved documents - ABCreate can scan plain text documents as well as those created with both DOS and Windows versions of MS Word and WordPerfect.
  • You decide how many times a word must appear before it is harvested.
  • You decide the minimum and maximum lengths of the words to be harvested.
  • Optimized word lists are always appropriate to what you have typed before.
  • Creates ending abbreviations for you - When ABCreate is finished harvesting words from your saved files it will scan the word list for the most common letter groups at the end of the words. This allows you to create abbreviations for common endings such as: tion, sion, and ing.
  • Creates beginning abbreviations for you - ABCreate will allow you to choose prefix abbreviations from common word beginnings such as: intra, inter, hyper, hypo.
  • Beginning and ending letter groups are created from your word lists and sorted by frequency.
  • Allows you to abbreviate words by choosing the beginning and ending letters that work best for your personal tastes. With 3 beginning letters and 2 ending letters "choledochocystectomy" would condense to an abbreviation of "chomy."
  • It lets you set rules for duplicate abbrevations.
  • The abbreviation lists can be imported to expanders that allow abbreviation list import in the abbreviation[space]expansion format, abbreviation[tab]expansion format, or abbrevation=expansion format.
  • Saves a frequency-optimized abbreviation list as a glossary for display in the Instant Text phrase advisory.
  • Fully compatible with Instant Text's advanced features. The frequency-optimized word list works just like any other phrase glossary. This allows you to make full use of the "skip ahead" and "Includes" features of IT.
  • Save many more keystrokes than using Instant Text with only the standard word glossary/advisory features.

Note to users of Instant Text: Instant Text doesn't display frequency-sorted phrase entries if you use the "Classic Options" in the Markers page or if there is a check in the "Sort by short-code length" box on the Advisories page. Both the Markers page and the Advisories page can be found in IT's Options dialog.

ABCreate is small enough, at about 425k, to fit on a floppy disk and move easily between computers. You can even run it directly from a floppy if you like. There is no installation necessary. Just copy the ABCreate.exe file to a computer and run it with a double-click.

If you like ABCreate and would like to unleash its full power the cost is $29.95 US. Please e-mail me a request. I accept credit cards through PayPal as well as a personal check or money order through the mail. When I receive your payment I will e-mail your Registration Code so that you can unlock the software.