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Extracts words from your Word, WordPerfect, and Text format files and then creates abbreviations for them. Frequency sorts word lists for use with Instant Text. Compatible with text expanders that can import abbreviation lists.

A very easy-to-use FTP program. A wizard interface walks you through the process of uploading files step-by-step to an FTP server. Nothing could be easier. This program will also create a web page with links to the files you specify and notify others via e-mail that you have updated your page.

A simple and elegant encryption program utilizing industrial strength encryption (256-bit Rijndael/AES), compression, and unparalleled ease of use. Advanced features include both a command-line and GUI interface, the ability to save/load profiles, FTP, and e-mail.

MPWGen will generate passwords from one or two user-defined seed values. It creates difficult-to-guess passwords that can then be used in conjunction with MEP. It generates multiple passwords in a variety of formats and alphanumeric/symbol combinations.